The State of Symbols is built on WordPress using the Underscore theme as a basis. Flexbox is employed for the layout of many items on the site, providing a great visual experience from super-desktop to mobile. Each icon is an SVG, some are dynamically embedded into the DOM by using Iconic’s SVGInjector, for changing attributes like the fill when hovering over navigable icons.

Feijoa was chosen for headlines and body copy to provide contrast to the linear nature of most western symbols. Each symbol is hand crafted and is based on a single 150px line, which was then divided and redistributed proportionally to make each symbol have a common foundation. Each stroke width is 15px in weight and is run through a rounded corners script to create a subtle ink pooling effect, emphasizing the traditionally hand written form of the shapes.

Many books were referenced in creating this work. Some of note are The Book of Signs by Rudolf Koch, Dictionary of Symbols by Carl Liungman, and The Book of Symbols. Additional information sourced from wikipedia.

Due to the ancient and distributed nature of the symbols featured on the site, they are 100% free for any kind of use and the viewer is encouraged to manipulate the shapes to suit their need whether it’s a basis for a logo design or a evolution of the sign itself. Symbols only carry life and meaning when they are in our collective imagination.

This project is cared for and created by Oakland based designer Jonathan Haggard.

Download The Symbol Pack