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Accretion of the high coastal barrier dune cordon during the Holocene isolated some coastal lakes and forced morphological changes in others. We value your privacy. Vineyards are located on soils developed under all three of these major geological substrates where slope conditions allow, landforms of south africa well as on the sand and gravel plains of the rivers that drain the region. This chapter describes how epeirogenic uplift of the escarpment, followed by headward erosion by rivers into different geological formations, has sculpted different landforms and landforms of south africa controlled the development of features such as waterfalls, scarp faces, gorges and canyons. To date, however, there has been little work to develop this potential. It is demonstrated that much of the South African macroscale geomorphology and site-specific landform development is controlled not only by geology, but also by past epeirogenic uplift, influencing river divides and drainage networks, and also a regionally diverse climate.

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